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Quick summary

Mental Resilience Training that Feels
Like a Game

Build self-confidence

Manage emotions

Strengthen Relationships

Designed to help teens with...

Self image

Social skills


Stress & Anxiety

Sidekick to hero is a gamifield program that teaches teens powerful mental resilience tools

Video courses

Earn points and level up as you watch short engaging lessons that cover everything from thinking positively to starting your homework to improving relationships.

Weekly virtual events

Stay motivated and connected with weekly Hero Training Rooms, a livestream that focuses on a different topic every week.

Custom Avatar

Watch your inner growth come to life as you transform your avatar from sidekick to hero with dozens of customizable options.


Complete challenges in real life and earn points in the game, all designed to help you develop powerful mental and emotional skills.

Monthly prizes

Participate every month and be entered to win legit prizes that teens love. Headphones, gaming consoles, and more!

Parent Profile

Stay connected to your teen’s progress with a Parent Profile so you can celebrate your teen’s victories with them.

We get it – being a teen is HARD

It’s especially hard to be a teen when you constantly THINK LIKE A SIDEKICK. You give up all your power or never even access it to begin with. This results in self-doubt, putting things off till the last minute, being overwhelmed by stress, and being affected by negative influences.

How do you stop this? You THINK LIKE A HERO!

Proven Strategies

Sidekick to Hero will be a web-based app so even teens without a smartphone can access it! All you need is an internet browser on any device, Chromebook, tablet, phone, or desktop computer. iPhone and Android apps will be released in the future.

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